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MR Sports Limited

MR Sports Limited - Accountancy, Investments and Legal Advice

Unlike people in more conventional careers, sports professionals receive the majority of their earnings before they are 35. With a life expectancy of a further 40+ years it is essential to plan for the future, when income can be lower.

MR Sports Limited can work with you to ensure that you get the best value for the purchases you make to enjoy your lifestyle now, plus invest wisely to create wealth and security for those years when you are no longer in paid sport.

MR Sports Limited co-ordinates advice in the following important areas:
•    Accountancy – tax planning; guidance with your annual tax returns; proposed business ventures.
•    Financial Advice – protection, pensions and investments to meet your needs now and in the future
•    Education – guidance now or when you retire for the academic or trade qualifications required to assist you in your chosen second career.
•    Lifestyle – homes, second homes, cars, luxury items – advice in sourcing what you want at competitive prices.
•    Solicitors – legal advice and services when the need arises.

With the aid of professionals working together in the above areas we can help you take control of your lifestyle choices both now and in the future.



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